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Take a look around. If this is your first time here, read the opening chapter of my new book HIDER/SEEKER. Want to know more about me? See my Q&A and blogs.


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hider seeker

What is HIDER/SEEKER about?

Harry Bridger helps people run from their enemies. But when he arranges for

Angela Linehan and her son to disappear abroad from her violent husband in

London, little does he know that his life will depend on finding her again.  


It’s a job that reawakens Harry’s past and brings him back into contact with

his ex-wife Bethany. Fate has given him a second chance to redeem himself in

her eyes.


But Angela’s disappearance puts Harry and Bethany in terrible danger. He

risks losing everything unless he can find where Angela is hiding in Central

America. The clock is ticking and his finely honed tracking skills no longer apply. Chance and luck will decide everything.



Kirkus Reviews

“The hits just keep on coming (often literally) in Claver’s auspicious British crime thriller… it’s an engaging read that manages some surprises amid all the familiar genre tropes. The scenes of physical menace, in particular, are all the more effective in Claver’s elliptical style… A novel about a finder that’s a real find.”


The Bookbag

“I rather enjoyed this twisting, turning thriller. The plot fills the pages extremely well and while it's easy enough to keep up with, it's complex enough to keep you guessing…The best plot twist is kept until last and the signals for it are subtle. Always a sign of success in a thriller!”




“Good storyline with an easy to follow set of characters, which made the story more compelling. Simple premise, easy writing style and fast paced. Enjoyable thriller.”



What readers are saying about the Amazon bestseller...



"Different/Brilliant/and well written

Mr Claver has talent that does not rise to the literary circuit too often. This is good fiction, a storyline that holds the reader and has that magic ingredient."



“A rare find, hidden in plain sight

Hider/Seeker is an excellent book that delivers from start to finish… Tom Claver is the kind of author whose writing is rewarding and effortless to read - I can't recommend Hider/Seeker highly enough.”



“I don't read thrillers very often, but the title and description of this one caught my eye. The writing was affecting – not what I was expecting from a thriller…The plot moved quickly and kept my attention… Bonus: a gentle, absurd sense of English humor pervaded the story. Loved that.”



A find!!

Hider/Seeker is a fast moving thriller with surprising twists and turns right to the end. The smooth style is effortless to read and keeps you turning pages late into the night.”



A white-knuckle ride

This book is well plotted and a gripping read. The story unfolds meticulously and convincingly… The story cranks steadily up from the first page, pushing the suspense all the way until it reaches a cracking finale. It caught me out completely. Hider/Seeker is a fast read and is skilfully written with humour.”



Best thriller I've read in years

The plot and the characters are superbly crafted. I couldn't put it down.”



A thriller with humour

The premise of the book was intriguing and it drew me in as soon as I started reading it on the train; even forgot to drink my coffee. The humour in the book helped to make the characters stand out, especially Harry with his sardonic wit. The style of writing was also easy on the eye and the chapters seemed to get shorter as the pace quickened.”




I am giving this book "only" four stars because I haven't finished it yet and don't know how delighted I'll be. I'm about half way through now, though, and am very curious by now to know what dear Harry is going to get himself into before solving his many dilemmas. The writing is descriptive and engaging.”



"Great book, great settings, great characters. the thriller is fast paced and suspenseful, with lots of twists and turns. i'm left wondering what harry will be up to next...”



Fast paced thriller - I felt an immediate connection to the characters and couldn't wait to see what happened next! Very well written, fun and engaging. I highly recommend!”



“This is a fast-paced thriller with many twists and turns, taking the reader to numerous places in the world but always meeting down-to-earth characters. A real page-turner, it’s a long time since I’ve been so hooked on a book and read it within 2 days. Very well-written.”



I'm just wild about Harry...

I loved this book even more than I expected… the adventures of the protagonist (HarryBridger) exhausted me. He’s energetic, ingenious and savvy, but most of all, he’s a guy I’d want to know. He kept me interested and guessing all the way to the final page. I do hope to see more from the author.”


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